Airsoft for Teens


Airsoft is a shooting based sport game that is made possible through the utilization of the mechanics of plastic and spring loaded action in the airsoft guns. Airsoft guns are made to mock the appearance of real firearms, but instead of shooting out a metal slug, they shoot out plastic bb’s at a reduced, but still heightened velocity. There is a great social scene behind airsoft and you can check out the latest chat over at the UK airsoft forums.

Airsoft is used in modern day sport to help not only get teens involved in outdoor activities, but target practice and basic gun safety as well. The majority of airsoft guns come equipped with a spring loaded firing mechanism that focuses on cocking back a large high tension spring into place, then releasing it with the pull of a trigger propelling the bb that is loaded in the clip at a high velocity. There are however also battery powered airsoft guns that still focus on the cocking back of a spring, but only require one loading to fire out several bb’s, as well as co2 powered airsoft guns that give that spring a much stronger power boost.

Airsoft is a great way to get your teen introduced to gun safety at a young age simply because it is a step up from the plastic noise making guns of the elementary ages, but not the pain strickening paintball phase of college and high school. It is key when playing airsoft, or teaching your child about gun safety to also purchase eye protection to help avoid any damage from a misplaced bb. Body armor can be purchased as well, but it is typically only worn by younger kids who are not as tolerant to pain.

Overall if you are looking for a great way to get your teen up and off the couch and learning about gun safety, check out how airsoft can benefit you.

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