Airsoft Guns in a Crazy World


Recently, a co-worker of my wife’s was assaulted in the parking garage near their workplace. The assailant was not caught. Needless to say, my wife was shocked. She expressed fear about her own safety, since she often used the same garage to park. During the winter it was dark when she had to make her way to the car so I asked her if she wanted to have the ability to protect herself; she was all for it.

I knew she wasn’t ready to handle a live firearm, but starting with an airsoft pistol would familiarize her with handling a gun. We purchased a fantastic airsoft gun, and with patient instruction she gradually became comfortable with using it. The added benefit was that she also found target practice to be a very relaxing hobby, something airsoft owners have always known. She recently received her concealed weapons permit, and purchased a very nice .38 pistol. She continues to enjoy target practice in our garage with her airsoft pistols (yes, pistols, in the plural–she got hooked on them and has purchased a dozen different models.)

My wife is now teaching our 12 year old daughter how to handle an airsoft rifle. They enjoy some great mom/daughter time plugging away at targets out in the garage. The cats have learned to keep away when they are laughing it up out there. The airsoft guns have proved a wonderful teaching tool and opportunity to bond for them.

It’s a crazy world, isn’t it? If you want the people you care about to have the ability to protect themselves, then starting with an airsoft gun is the right place to start. Whether they move on to firearms or not, they will always enjoy the recreational fun airsoft guns provide.

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