Airsoft guns


Airsoft guns are recreational guns that are used for training and competitive sport. These airsoft guns resemble real weapons in appearance, size, and weight and provide the handler with the experience of using a real weapon without the danger involved. Many organizations elicit these airsoft guns to further train their employees. They use them to get employees familiar with the feel and response of the gun. It allows the handler to become more comfortable with using a real weapon, and better prepares them to use it when called upon.

Airsoft guns can shoot both plastic BB’s and paint pellets. Depending on the intended event, the type of ammunition will be varied. The plastic BB’s come in different weights, colors, and size, however, the recommended size to use is the 6mm variety. This size of BB will keep your airsoft gun working at it’s top performance along with regular maintenance. Paint pellet specifications are similar to the plastic BB counterpart. Their use does require more maintenance on the gun to ensure it functions properly.

Airsoft guns are designed to function on a unique propulsion system using only a small amount of air to shoot projectiles towards their intended target. This is accomplished through pistons and cylinders contained in a gear box transfixed on the gun, there is a great guide over at Defcon Airsoft here . Some guns are more powerful than others, and different requirements are recommended for indoor and outdoor engagement.

The sport of using airsoft guns gains in popularity continually. It is highly competetive and addictive for the die hard fans who practice regularly. It is a safe sport where families members can all be involved, and when done with proper precautions, an outting that will be enjoyable for all. Check out your local UK skirmish site here and get yourself registered on UKARA or the British Airsoft Club and enjoy the fastest growing new sport in the UK!

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