Airsoft or Soft Air


Airsoft can be a misnomer after you get into the sport. I have two teen-age boys that love to play and have no regard for pain. They often wear their welts as marks of manhood and heroism. They have guns that shoot within a range of 150 fps to 400 fps. The slower shooting spring action guns were the first we bought.

Soon, however, they found that the cheaper airsoft guns weren’t as accurate and that if you were far enough away, say 10 yards or more, you could easily see the bb coming and dodge out of the way. For my boys, this just wouldn’t do. So, we went out and purchased battery operated semi-auto and full auto machine guns that were capable of shooting 250 fps (feet per second). That’s when the fun really began. That’s not to say that all spring action airsoft guns are ’slow shooters’ because my youngest son and my nephew both own spring action pump shotguns and they are extremely fast and accurate and will definitely leave a welt at 30 yards.

When you want something that is almost impossible to avoid getting hit at close or long range, though, semi or fully automatic is what you want. You can purchase either battery operated or CO2 powered airsoft rifles and hand guns. Typically the CO2 powered airsoft guns are more expensive, but my oldest son purchased a CO2 powered hand gun for only £70 that shoots around 400 fps and is fully automatic with a 39 round clip. He can shoot several clips with one CO2 canister, so a pack of CO2 will last a while, but it is the most expensive version of airsoft gun.

But according to my oldest son, it’s the only way to go! Read more about his adventures over at

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