Airsoft is sweeping the nation

Airsoft is sweeping the nation. It is cheaper, less messy, and easier to set up than paintball matches, and usually doesn’t hurt as bad. While it is more well known in the US, it is quickly gaining recognition here in the United Kingdom and there are plenty of venues to choose from.

Airsoft brings a sense of realism to simulated combat. That is probably the most exciting part of the whole game. The guns have been manufactured to look almost exactly like the real thing. They have the same slides, bolts, and even the same markings. The only real difference is that they shoot small plastic pellets or bb’s. This sense of realism is also characterized in a lot of real game play as well. Many of the matches are geared to imitate an actual war era. There are air soft guns that resemble World War II and Vietnam weapons, and even have the same kind of ammunition clips. This offers a whole new dimension to the game because people can simulate actual war situations of that era using the same kinds of guns. These scenarios are not crucial, but they do give air soft some variety that you won’t find in any paintball situation.

Because of the realistic recreation of combat that airsoft provides, it is important to make sure that you take some steps to keep you and your friends safe. The last thing you want to do is have someone lose an eye. There are some mandatory protective procedures that you should always remember to use so that you don’t have any accidents.

First or all, treat every air soft gun as if it was loaded. This is important so that you don’t point them at people’s faces or fire them blindly. For your own safety, you should never look down the barrel of your airsoft gun. This could be extremely hazardous. Also, never take off your goggles. If the pellets hit your skin it will leave a small welt and will hurt for a minute but no real damage can be done, but if it hits your eyes it can cause some real damage.

Airsoft matches can be some of the most realistic simulations of combat action. This allows you to get technical and creative and have some really fun games. Whether you choose historic scenarios or have a free-for-all, make sure that you follow proper safety procedures so that you and your friends can have an injury free experience.

Airsoft Sports Hobby

For many people there are certain things that they enjoy to do in their spare time. These unique things they do in their spare time are called and known as hobbies. When it comes to hobbies, people may like to hunt, fish, paint, make arts and crafts, play games etc. One of the newest and contemporary hobbies is shooting airsoft guns.

Airsoft guns are among the newest innovations in society and one of the more popular activities in sport. The airsoft guns are like a combination of toy guns and real guns. They are usually a replica of the realistic guns that are commonly used. These include assault rifles such as the M4 Carbine, the AK 47, the G3, submachine guns such as the MP5 and Uzi and pistols such as the Glock, Baretta, and SIG Sauer.

Unlike real guns though, the airsoft guns shoot little pellets instead of bullets. Therefore they are safer than real guns. However the pellets can be a bit dangerous because they are very much like the ammo used for BB guns. They are not nearly as fatal as bullets for real guns though.

Airsoft guns can have some considerable advantages over real guns as far as sport and recreation is concerned. The guns are lightweight and not as heavy as the real gun counterpart. They are not as lethal and dangerous as real guns, and they can be shot and used in both indoor and outdoor environments. The airsoft guns are also cheaper and are easier to purchase as you won’t have to worry about going through paperwork and background checks to get one unlike real guns. As long as you are 18 and older and have either UKARA or BAC membership you can purchase an airsoft gun without any difficulty.

The disadvantages of airsoft guns are few but are still considerable. First they are lighter and a little more fragile than their real counterparts. So they are more likely to be damaged if abused. Second the ammunition is safer but not as strong as real guns. Due to this factor they are not as good a choice for defense as real guns are.

Like many other toys, gadgets and equipment, airsoft guns can be and are often a very fun and enjoyable hobby to have, . You can use it for sport and recreation under much safer conditions than a real gun, you can purchase one without the hassle of the acquisition process of a real gun and they are not as lethal as real guns and are therefore safer.

The Excitement Airsoft Guns Have to Offer

Japan introduced the world to airsoft guns in the 1980’s. This resulted after Japan made it illegal to own a firearm. Since there continued to be an interest in guns, manufacturers started to produce a weapon that could meet the stringent requirements the country had made, in concern to guns. In Japan only military personnel can own a legitimate gun so the airsoft came about as a result of this. The airsoft was intended to simulate a real gun in looks and in operation. These guns are used in firearms training and have gained quite a following. Aside from Japan they have become popular across the world.

It took a number of years but the hobby of airsoft guns made its debut in the United Kingdom in the middle of the 90’s. This is partly due to the fact that many new manufactures of automatic electric guns in Japan as well as many other countries, check out the latest reviews over at

Gas blow back airsoft guns were the first to be used in military and police simulations. They have a gas cylinder which propels the ammunition. They operate very much like a real gun. When the gun is fired the gas moved the slide. This automatically brings up the next round. Since these guns do offer a “kick,” along with the fact that they are fairly inexpensive and safe, these reasons have caused them to become popular in simulated exercises.

There is an obvious difference between airsoft guns and BB guns. The airsoft gun uses plastic bullets and usually have a velocity of less than 500 feet per second. In a controlled environment this is considered safe.The BB gun uses metal ammunition. It shoots at a greater velocity. This makes them so they are not safe for training purposes.

There are a variety of airsoft games across the world. Each varies in style depending on the participants and the budgets. They can range from short-term play with a group of friends, similar to paintball exercises, to longer skirmishes in military or police simulations. Historical reenactments are also popular for using the airsoft firearm.

During a staged military simulation teams remain in the field for the time of the play. They return to a staging area for medical emergencies or other special circumstances. Often these teams stay out in the field for several days. One of the more famous events in the Berget annual event which is held in Sweden. It lasts for a total of six days. During this time there are no breaks. Most likely this will become an inviting sport in future years that will involve many participants.

Airsoft for Teens

Airsoft is a shooting based sport game that is made possible through the utilization of the mechanics of plastic and spring loaded action in the airsoft guns. Airsoft guns are made to mock the appearance of real firearms, but instead of shooting out a metal slug, they shoot out plastic bb’s at a reduced, but still heightened velocity. There is a great social scene behind airsoft and you can check out the latest chat over at the UK airsoft forums.

Airsoft is used in modern day sport to help not only get teens involved in outdoor activities, but target practice and basic gun safety as well. The majority of airsoft guns come equipped with a spring loaded firing mechanism that focuses on cocking back a large high tension spring into place, then releasing it with the pull of a trigger propelling the bb that is loaded in the clip at a high velocity. There are however also battery powered airsoft guns that still focus on the cocking back of a spring, but only require one loading to fire out several bb’s, as well as co2 powered airsoft guns that give that spring a much stronger power boost.

Airsoft is a great way to get your teen introduced to gun safety at a young age simply because it is a step up from the plastic noise making guns of the elementary ages, but not the pain strickening paintball phase of college and high school. It is key when playing airsoft, or teaching your child about gun safety to also purchase eye protection to help avoid any damage from a misplaced bb. Body armor can be purchased as well, but it is typically only worn by younger kids who are not as tolerant to pain.

Overall if you are looking for a great way to get your teen up and off the couch and learning about gun safety, check out how airsoft can benefit you.

Airsoft or Soft Air

Airsoft can be a misnomer after you get into the sport. I have two teen-age boys that love to play and have no regard for pain. They often wear their welts as marks of manhood and heroism. They have guns that shoot within a range of 150 fps to 400 fps. The slower shooting spring action guns were the first we bought.

Soon, however, they found that the cheaper airsoft guns weren’t as accurate and that if you were far enough away, say 10 yards or more, you could easily see the bb coming and dodge out of the way. For my boys, this just wouldn’t do. So, we went out and purchased battery operated semi-auto and full auto machine guns that were capable of shooting 250 fps (feet per second). That’s when the fun really began. That’s not to say that all spring action airsoft guns are ’slow shooters’ because my youngest son and my nephew both own spring action pump shotguns and they are extremely fast and accurate and will definitely leave a welt at 30 yards.

When you want something that is almost impossible to avoid getting hit at close or long range, though, semi or fully automatic is what you want. You can purchase either battery operated or CO2 powered airsoft rifles and hand guns. Typically the CO2 powered airsoft guns are more expensive, but my oldest son purchased a CO2 powered hand gun for only £70 that shoots around 400 fps and is fully automatic with a 39 round clip. He can shoot several clips with one CO2 canister, so a pack of CO2 will last a while, but it is the most expensive version of airsoft gun.

But according to my oldest son, it’s the only way to go! Read more about his adventures over at

Ultimate In Combat Experience

Airsoft guns are high quality guns that provide the ultimate in combat experience. The types of airsoft guns that are available are the electric airsoft guns, the gas airsoft guns and the spring airsoft guns that all offer airsoft rifles, pistoles, and shotguns. Airsoft guns are offered at great prices and feature a variety of styles. Styles such as the Echo 1M14RIS AEG Ultra Realistic Airsoft Gun, comparable to military’s World War II era M14, the spring action operation allows fast-paced shooting and professional fire power.

The Classic Army M15A4 RIS is a sniper rifle detailed to match the classic army version. The spring airsoft guns come in styles such as the Walter P99 Airsoft Special Operations, this gun is a light weight hand gun that has spring action operation for fast-paced shooting and professional fire-power or the HFC 112S: HFC Airsoft Silver USP Style Spring Pistol which is available in a polished silver finish and its spring action operation offers fast-paced and professional shooting.

The gas airsoft guns comes in styles such as the HFC 199 Full Metal Beretta Model-Select Fire Full Auto/Semi which comes in a matte black finish and comes with an orange tip that makes it compliant with federal regulations regarding spring-action pistols. Airsoft Gun Packages offer New player kits, like the Tanfoglio Witness 1911 Game Set pistol and is a identical 1:1 scale of the authentic 1911 Witness Game Set; New Player Kits, Airsoft Sniper Kits, like the Tactical Series SD700 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Black made almost entirely of metal with a metal barrel an bolt, with a hop up that is adjustable so you get an acurate shot no matter the distance of your target and Shotgun and Pistol Combo Kits as well as Rifle and Pistol Combo Kits. The airsoft guns have a wide range of top quality guns for all types of preferences.

Airsoft guns

Airsoft guns are recreational guns that are used for training and competitive sport. These airsoft guns resemble real weapons in appearance, size, and weight and provide the handler with the experience of using a real weapon without the danger involved. Many organizations elicit these airsoft guns to further train their employees. They use them to get employees familiar with the feel and response of the gun. It allows the handler to become more comfortable with using a real weapon, and better prepares them to use it when called upon.

Airsoft guns can shoot both plastic BB’s and paint pellets. Depending on the intended event, the type of ammunition will be varied. The plastic BB’s come in different weights, colors, and size, however, the recommended size to use is the 6mm variety. This size of BB will keep your airsoft gun working at it’s top performance along with regular maintenance. Paint pellet specifications are similar to the plastic BB counterpart. Their use does require more maintenance on the gun to ensure it functions properly.

Airsoft guns are designed to function on a unique propulsion system using only a small amount of air to shoot projectiles towards their intended target. This is accomplished through pistons and cylinders contained in a gear box transfixed on the gun, there is a great guide over at Defcon Airsoft here . Some guns are more powerful than others, and different requirements are recommended for indoor and outdoor engagement.

The sport of using airsoft guns gains in popularity continually. It is highly competetive and addictive for the die hard fans who practice regularly. It is a safe sport where families members can all be involved, and when done with proper precautions, an outting that will be enjoyable for all. Check out your local UK skirmish site here and get yourself registered on UKARA or the British Airsoft Club and enjoy the fastest growing new sport in the UK!

Use Spring Airguns to Teach Safety

One needs to be at least 18 years of age to purchase a spring airsoft gun. However, you will be surprised at how many older teens are learning how to use and operate spring airsoft guns. This model of the guns is a great way to teach older teens about guns without them being exposed to a traditional gun. What are some of the things you can teach an older teen using spring airsoft guns?

Teaching Kids Gun Safety
Gun safety is one of the biggest lessons that you can teach older kids. Some gun owners might even say that gun safety is one of the most valuable lessons that you can teach younger and older children. This is extremely important when they are in an environments where guns are present. They can learn gun safety when they learn how to handle and operate spring airsoft guns.

Teaching Teens How to Clean a Gun
Another big advantage to the spring airsoft guns is to teach teens how to properly clean a gun. Many of the same basic principles used to clean airsoft guns apply to more traditional guns. Teens that learn how to clean these versions will be at an advantage when they use regular guns.

Proper Aiming and Shooting
The spring airsoft guns are lightweight. Being lightweight makes it easier to teach older kids and teens how to properly aim and shoot guns. Kids get the advantage of target practice with a piece of equipment that is much less dangerous than using traditional handguns or rifles.

Learn How to Manually Cock a Gun
With a spring airsoft gun, the teen will need to learn how to manually cock it each time to shoot off a small BB. If by chance, the older kid sets the gun off there is less damage than other types of ammunition. This makes the spring airsoft gun ideal for training and teaching older children and teens about gun safety, gun use and ammunition.

Airsoft Guns in a Crazy World

Recently, a co-worker of my wife’s was assaulted in the parking garage near their workplace. The assailant was not caught. Needless to say, my wife was shocked. She expressed fear about her own safety, since she often used the same garage to park. During the winter it was dark when she had to make her way to the car so I asked her if she wanted to have the ability to protect herself; she was all for it.

I knew she wasn’t ready to handle a live firearm, but starting with an airsoft pistol would familiarize her with handling a gun. We purchased a fantastic airsoft gun, and with patient instruction she gradually became comfortable with using it. The added benefit was that she also found target practice to be a very relaxing hobby, something airsoft owners have always known. She recently received her concealed weapons permit, and purchased a very nice .38 pistol. She continues to enjoy target practice in our garage with her airsoft pistols (yes, pistols, in the plural–she got hooked on them and has purchased a dozen different models.)

My wife is now teaching our 12 year old daughter how to handle an airsoft rifle. They enjoy some great mom/daughter time plugging away at targets out in the garage. The cats have learned to keep away when they are laughing it up out there. The airsoft guns have proved a wonderful teaching tool and opportunity to bond for them.

It’s a crazy world, isn’t it? If you want the people you care about to have the ability to protect themselves, then starting with an airsoft gun is the right place to start. Whether they move on to firearms or not, they will always enjoy the recreational fun airsoft guns provide.