The Excitement Airsoft Guns Have to Offer


Japan introduced the world to airsoft guns in the 1980’s. This resulted after Japan made it illegal to own a firearm. Since there continued to be an interest in guns, manufacturers started to produce a weapon that could meet the stringent requirements the country had made, in concern to guns. In Japan only military personnel can own a legitimate gun so the airsoft came about as a result of this. The airsoft was intended to simulate a real gun in looks and in operation. These guns are used in firearms training and have gained quite a following. Aside from Japan they have become popular across the world.

It took a number of years but the hobby of airsoft guns made its debut in the United Kingdom in the middle of the 90’s. This is partly due to the fact that many new manufactures of automatic electric guns in Japan as well as many other countries, check out the latest reviews over at

Gas blow back airsoft guns were the first to be used in military and police simulations. They have a gas cylinder which propels the ammunition. They operate very much like a real gun. When the gun is fired the gas moved the slide. This automatically brings up the next round. Since these guns do offer a “kick,” along with the fact that they are fairly inexpensive and safe, these reasons have caused them to become popular in simulated exercises.

There is an obvious difference between airsoft guns and BB guns. The airsoft gun uses plastic bullets and usually have a velocity of less than 500 feet per second. In a controlled environment this is considered safe.The BB gun uses metal ammunition. It shoots at a greater velocity. This makes them so they are not safe for training purposes.

There are a variety of airsoft games across the world. Each varies in style depending on the participants and the budgets. They can range from short-term play with a group of friends, similar to paintball exercises, to longer skirmishes in military or police simulations. Historical reenactments are also popular for using the airsoft firearm.

During a staged military simulation teams remain in the field for the time of the play. They return to a staging area for medical emergencies or other special circumstances. Often these teams stay out in the field for several days. One of the more famous events in the Berget annual event which is held in Sweden. It lasts for a total of six days. During this time there are no breaks. Most likely this will become an inviting sport in future years that will involve many participants.

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